Friday, December 02, 2005

1st post as an honarary member


Is this thing on ?

Well, mr. Farq's it seems you've totally screwed up now. You gave the controls of this most excellent blog to an american.... and not just any bloody ol' american, one that's had entirely to much to drink. Well okay i've only actually had 4 or 5 or 6 beers, but heck who's counting ?

Anyway... i just thought i'd introduce myself and also let you all know that i've really enjoyed your stories and blog updates thus please keep'em coming. Your ride updates have been awesome !

To those that don't know me....i run a small, okay...truth be known....a very small bike shop over here in the states called Red Barn Bicycles outta Hamilton Montana (yes there are grizzly's out in our wilderness) . We specialize in mtb's mostly (cuz that's were we got our own start), but we do cater to the road, recumbent, tandem, and bmxer's out there. The barn is damn near 100 years old, which is old when judged by american standards. My wifes grandfather, Alfred ran dairy cattle out of here since 56', and then came along this skinny biking feller and i have since turned it upside down and into a nice community bike shop since 2000. Allthough we still produce 60 tons of hay per year we're far more intrigued with gears, suspension, and things that turn circles. But .... enough about me....i can't wait to hear more about your ride and the journey that it takes you on. You fellas take care !

enjoy a picture from tonites winterland ?


Farqui said...

Welcome aboard chaybo, good to hear from ya dawg.

History ? Heck, the barn will be a national monument soon !

You certainly do get much more picturesque winters over there, we just get a few more shades of gray !

Now don't go drinking too much, we don't want you running into stuff again...

Dan Howell said...

A nicer bloke we couldn't have onboard - welcome, Chaybo :-D ! Damn that weather over there looks beautiful; fingers crossed for some of that here this year.

Makes for interesting riding if nothing else :-S

uphilla said...

Great to hear from you Chaybo - hey what you drinking, can you get proper beer over there ;-). Good to know a bit more about Red Barn - be good to hear more about your trails/rides. Cheers!

Chaybo said...

thanks for letting me on board fellas !

The beer is pretty damn good here, we have a ton of small private label stuff coming out all the time. Our local brewer here in town has very fine stuff.....i've treated more than one visitor to a pint of our finest IPA and they've gone home with all smiles. Allthough i hear that those Belgians distribute some of the best....could any of you confirm ?? I suppose most of those belgian farmers grow fields of wheat, and barley specifically for beer ??

well enough about beer. I'll post some ride info soon.

uphilla said...

There might be a danger of this becoming a Beer Blog, your local brew sounds good! Yeh, the belgians brew some interesting, and strong, stuff, but nothing beats a good pint of British 'Real Ale' IMHO. Look forward to hearing more from you, Thanks Chaybo.

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