Wednesday, November 23, 2005

FNC hits Woburn - Bedfordshire

Last night, the Westoning posse fancied a break from their regular, local FNC (Friday night club) rides so they tooled up and headed north west to the Magic Kingdom. The route is one of Farq's primary rides that starts with a twiddly route thru MK over to Aspley Heath. Then it's play time in and around the woods before gunning it back down the A5 and heading home.

Trail Head; CMK, 7.45pm
Stats; 21.7 miles, 1,443ft ascending, 2hrs 42mins

Posse; Darren (Cannondale) Dave (Specialized Endozer) Les (Spesh Rockhopper h/tail) Lee (Turner 5Spot) Rob (Cannondale Jekyll)

Injuries; nothing major although Les seemed keen to lie down wherever possible

Mechanicals; Les - rear mech woes, Lee - lost a cleat bolt

Weather; above freezing, dry, clear and windless...


Farqui said...

We had a good ol'spread a'lights available on this ride. x2 Cateye Stadiums, x1 Light&Motion ARC and Cateye RC's - one with pumped up NiMH battery and bulbs & another on Rob's bonce to help keep Les squintin !

Twas much brighter than on my usual solo blat.

Rob said...

New route Tuesday 6th Dec, Any takers?

Farqui said...

Count me I'm in.

As we're not blessed with too many hills it'll be interesting to see what route a non-native comes up with...

dozer said...

Can't do Tuesday. Therese has a work do, so I have the kids!

Rob said...

Thanks Dozer what would we do without your long informative and sparkling dialogue...?

I have Monday alternatively?

Farqui said...

Tsk, kids eh ? Who'd have em !

Monday is fine with me.

uphilla said...

Monday could be good for me, if I can get my wheels sorted - what start time etc??

Farqui said...

uphilla, I'll bring your "new" wheels along with us on Sunday morning.

Rob said...

5th Dec,
Had another little run out, only Farqui and me this time. Shame on all of you the mud was lovely!!

Are there ever conditions that the sand is nice to ride in?

Thankfully the rain held off long enough and in the end it was a really good run.

Next Monday or Tuesday anyone? Babysitter required here, Dozer surely you'd rather sit with my kids?

~Oh and the non-native's route was rubbish, most of it didn't even exist. OS you need to resurvey the woods!!


Rob said...
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