Monday, July 25, 2005

WSSR - Afan Forest, s.Wales

Meet the posse who ventured into south Wales for the Welsh Summer Solstice Ride at Afan park. A thoroughly scary bunch of bikers to ride with !

Two days fantastic riding were in order (for some) with a full contingent on The Wall and Penhydd trails on Saturday. I'll excuse Dan's later arrival and still cuss BrayDrude's unfortunate x3 punctures followed by a busted QR ! The stones were against you today Drude.

Sunday saw an enthusiastic Ben with Roger and Farqui tagging along to keep him company further up the valley to ride the July trail.

A bunch a pic's can be found here along with routes.

The accomodation is also worthy of a mention as Brumster managed to book us a couple of corkin' cabins that although remote were actually within a stones throw of an Afan trail.

Posse (left to right); Ben (Specialised h/tail) Tim (no-name h/tail) Farqui (Turner 5Spot) Nat (an "Aldi" style susser) BrayDrude (Giant XTC h/tail) Salty (Marin East Peak) Brumster (Marin Rock Springs) and Roger (his brand spankin new Specialised FSR XC Comp - with a big thanx to Rob).

Injuries; I can't recall any major incidents, tho I'm sure a few off's were experienced by most.

Mechanicals; BrayDrude's numerous punctures (later id'd as a duff batch & too small!) and his broken rear QR as he attempted a quick 3rd blown tube in succession without even turning a wheel. Oh and Brumster had some natty tubes which blew up like shotgun fire on the car park trackpump.

Weather; Glorious and dry with Sunday proving to be a scorcher for those who chose to kick back and relax at the equally fabulous cabins. Posted by Picasa


Dan Howell said...

Oh now that was a weekend. First bit of serious riding for me, and some parts of Afan were a real eye-opener (or is that ring-clencher). Yes, I am of course referring to "The Wall".

The nasty uphill slogs were kept to a reasonable minimum I suppose, but I'm not the fittest of blokes anyway so I just got off a walked when necessary!

Some of the guys did some serious riding that weekend - I managed one and would probably have made half another; the rest were serious troopers, squeezing 2 in on Saturday and another serious trek on the Sunday... nutcases :)

Farqui said...

"nutcases" ?

Us ?

Oh yeah.

Actually, it was all Ben's fault...

Dan Howell said...

Salty rides an East Peak, apparently :)