Monday, May 09, 2005

Wrench Force Prep Stand

If you've ever done more than 5minutes work on bike then you'll really appreciate a device that holds the cycle securely while you've both hands free to do some spannering. Enter the bike repair stand.

The Wrench Force stand has an adjustable top clamp which can be tuned to grip different diameter seatposts and frame tubing. The clamp itself is a soft plastic with handy grooves for gear cables to route through. The clamp can also rotate through 360-degrees for convenient bike positioning. It has a sturdy frame with a wide base for good stability, but it's weight means that it isn't really portable and is best suited to the workshop. The legs and clamp fold flat for storage, it has a telescopic height adjuster, which means that even tall mechanics can wrench without bending over.

I acquired mine around 2-3years ago from Leisure Lakes and recall that it was slightly discounted to around £100. It might seem expensive at the time but not if you factor in the savings from doing servicing yourself, especially if you have more than one steed to maintain. I've recently had a hunt around the web and can't find many online outlets for this toolstand. It also appears that Wrench Force is a subsiduary of Trek and that Snap On make them, but don't quote me on that.

I've had no problems with it and really appreciate the convenience it supply's. Routine maintenance is now a joy.

Update: the only addition I've recently made is to tack on a Topeak Tool Tray which helps to keep those tools close to hand.