Thursday, May 12, 2005

Trackpump : Topeak JoBlow Sport

If anyone has more than one bike to maintain then they'll definitely benefit from a large capacity tyre pump that inflates tyres twice as quick as a standard, small bicylce pump that you take along on rides. You'll not get rsi or a floppy arm from those dozens of stroke you'll need with a small emergency pump.

I acquired a Topeak JoBlow Sport trackpump a number of years ago now and it's still going strong. The valve head is compatible with both shraeder (car type) and presta valve's and it always provides a good seal. The gauge is clear and located at the base of the unit so it's less likely to get broken if it topples over. The parts all look durable and study, the shaft / base are metal rather than plastic and the handle is rubberised for a comfy feel.

The gauge is also handy as it allows you to accurately increase the tyre pressure which is often useful if you typically ride XC terrain and are off for a wkend of hurting down mountain steps. I find it also helps when setting both Chipmunk's and my tyre pressure as we both prefer different psi's which often can't be properly gauged by just squeezing the tyre.

Inflation is a doddle once you've planted your slabs of meat on the base it only take a dozen on so long stroke to get 30-40psi whacked into your knobbly's. Easy peasy.


Farqui said...

After many years of abuse the hose degraded and split recently but Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op stock spares.