Saturday, May 07, 2005

Topeak Defender Mudguards

On my trusty ol'Marin we used two Topeak Defender front mudguards but both fixings didn't last more than a few wks and were always falling out before they finally gave up the ghost.
Chipmunk has been using the Defender rear guard for a while now and as it's still working I figured that it was worthy of a mention. The shape is much broaded than my SKS X-Dry and should keep more crud off her back, it also had an adjustable front section to help keep the front mech (or shock if so positioned) cleaner. The fixing is a fiddly twist afair and not exactly quick release as you easily loose your tension setting. I've found that removing the seatpost is the best option. The mounts are all rubber coated and help to resist running out of alignment whilst happily riding along and the twist lock seems a little more secure that my SKS quick release mount.


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