Saturday, May 07, 2005

SKS Mudguards

I'll ride all year, in all weathers but if only if I can help to prevent getting a nasty wet ar$e. A front mud guard also helps to keep the mud out of your mug as it's being slung from your rapidly accelerating front wheel whilst you whiz downhill - when you need to be fully focused.

Up front, I'd previously tried a Topeak Defender guard and the fixing lasted all of a month before it disintegrated. So I shopped around and acquired a SKS Shockguard which has a much more secure fixing and is lasting well. It also comes in a range of options e.g. compatible to reverse arch forks (Manitou, Pace) as pictured on the right, has a good shape for keeping the muck off and later models have soft, rubberised edges.

I'm also using the SKS X-Dry rear mudguard which has an easy seatpost, quick release mounting system that is rubberised to help prevent slip and chaffing. Whilst you can tighten the guard into position it'll occassionaly wander out of alignment with your rear wheel but you soon start to notice once the dampness creeps in. The overall shape is good and once fixed into position you can still raise or lower it to get the best cover.