Sunday, May 08, 2005

On-One Inbred Stem

In an effort to lighten up my trusty ol'Marin, I ditched the oem stem and replaced it with a tasty looking number from a little known British manufacturer On-One. It's called an "Inbred" stem which isn't some Welsh joke but a reference to their own legendary hardtail.

The stem itself is nice and light 140g, has nicely rounded edges which won't damage your bars, a secure and neat four bolt clamp, cost a respectible £25 and has some snazzy company logo's. The downsides are the clumsy steerer bolts on the back which don't seem to follow the same attention to detail seen elsewhere and the fact that it only comes in limited lengths (80/100mm) with a 5 degree rise.

In use it didn't give any creaks or work loose and was fine for general XC riding with the odd rocky Welsh trail thrown in.

Update: I see that it's recently been discontinued (Jan'06) and replaced with a new 3d, forged unit that now comes in a bunch of lengths and rises for no extra cost.