Tuesday, January 11, 2005

PSA: Blog Emoticons

Emoticons are fun and now available on't'blog. They are applied after each page load so that any old posts/comments that contain the relevant symbols will be translated with a suitable smiley face.

These faces will appear on posts and comments when expanded on the blog, but not within the separate create post or comment dialogues - they will be translated back on the blog pages tho.

The following text abbreviations (optionally with a "nose" alternative represented by a dash) will be replaced with the appropriate smiley image;
  • semi colon, close round bracket wink
  • colon "d" big grin
  • capital "b", close round bracket cool
  • colon, "x" mad
  • colon, open round bracket sad
  • colon "o" ohmy (or colon "ohmy")
  • colon "p" chuckle
  • colon, close round bracket happy
  • colon, "rolleyes"
  • colon, "blush"
  • colon, "huh"
  • colon, "thumbu"
  • colon, "thumbd"
  • colon, "lol"
I'll consider adding more as and when time allows.