Wednesday, December 02, 2009

They finally stole my bike

Well, after a total of two years of them failing to steal my bike at the station, my Rockhopper finally disappeared on Monday. In the past they have attempted on a number of occasions to cut through the lock and have taken my front wheel and saddle. A few months ago I fitted some locking nuts (pinheads - actually quite good I think) to the front wheel and seatpost but they still bent my back wheel out of (I think) vindictiveness.

This time, they actually cut through the frame and rear wheel after having tried without success to smash the lock. So what have they ended up with? Well the forks are pretty good (but you will have to get the front wheel off first), the front wheel was Hope (but again they will have to detach without damaging) the seatpost is Thomson (again locked though) and they may get smtg for the brakes (a mismatch Hope and Deore set). Perhaps £200 value - keeping an eye on e-bay...

I don't hold out much hope from the police - generally the cameras are either not working or pointing in the wrong direction.

What's next? I will not leave another bike there so I will have to resort to a folding thingy and take it on the train in future. Do not want a small wheeled one so looking at Dahon - anyone have any experience of these or anything else similar?

Yours, in mourning



Farqui said...

Oops with a capital "Grrrr let me at the little blighters".

Bummer dude, 1 less bike makes today a sad day - snif (I've a cold, honest!)

alarmed cable lock said...

The thieves are total scumbags. They should be hung up by their short and curlies for a long time.

I would love to catch them ...