Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AyUp Knobblies Boost

Over the weekend the Aussy lights doubled their foot hold amongst the Knobbly clan with AyUp noobs
(Chas /  myself) both opting for "kits" and existing users boosting their range (Dozer / R2).  

As I intend to also use my AyUp's for commuting I wanted the convenient Gecko helmet mount, Saxon and flashing option available within the V4 Adventure but not the MTB set.  The V4's hardware box is handy (once the foam insert is removed) and defo better than the fiddly neoprene pouch in the pre'09 range.

I've seen Dozer / R2 using these and thought they looked slick but I only realised just how simple and effective the mounts are once I started plumbing in my own gear, e.g. the handle bar mount.

Until I decide what what I'm doing with my helmet I've just cable tied the mounting plate atop the skid lid so that I can use the Saxon facing behind with one lamp facing forwards to supplement my been seen (but not see) commuter lamp.  Initial tests are favourable and I'll report back once I've tried a few more combo's. 

As two kits were ordered the kinda Aussy's shipped for free.  Oh and another cool feature is that AuYp sort out the duty charges at source so you not only know what you'll be paying up front but you also won't have the hassle paying duty upon delivery :-)

Manufacturer; AyUp

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