Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Formula Oro K18 FCS adjuster conversion

I recently upgraded a set of Formula Oro K18 brakes to K24 spec by adding the K24 master cylinder piston and FCS adjuster. The total cost of upgrade for front and rear is around £25.00. The addition of the FCS adjuster enables the front and rear brake lever travel to be adjusted in order to ensure even/balanced application of brake force front and rear.

Exploded parts diagram and spares listing at

It's a simple upgrade and here are some pictures to demonstrate the procedure. I hope its' of use to bloggers with K18's.........

Here are the spare parts kits purchased form

The piston kit consists of a piston, seals, spring/plunger and seal grease. The FCS kit has the FCS adjuster, seal and C clip fastener.
The following picture shows how to access the master cylinder by removing the brake lever (note the small lever shaft retaining grub screw) which once removed then enables removal of the shaft and lever and provides access to the piston retention C clip. Once this is removed the whole piston assembly and FCS adjuster can be easily used to replace the original K18 piston assy.
I have already substituted the K24 spec piston and FCS adjuster in the picture shown.
Here is the re-assembled piston, C clip and retaining screw just before its assembly back into the master cylinder.

Finally, here is the master cylinder re-assembled and ready to use!


Dangerous Dave said...

Good job. Been very pleased and surprised at how good my K18's have been, and this is really the only thing seperates the K18 from the rest of the range.

Having had to change the pistons in all of my Bianco's (dodgy batch where the plastic expanded on contact with DOT fluid) I'm well versed in this proceedure but this is a good upgrade if you want this adjustment.

Anonymous said...

why you change old piston to new one?
piston kit of k18=k24.
so all u need is FCS kit.

btw, thx for posting