Friday, October 24, 2008

Morzine June 27 – July 4 2009

After a 4-5 year wait I have a pass again to return to the Alps. I have looked at a few options and decided to return to the Les Portes du Soleil area (but this time when the whole area is open).

The recommendation is to stay in Morzine this time as it is more central (see dahnhilla’s recent trip).

As well as the miles and miles or way marked cycle trails, there is a lot more to this area if you are prepared to get a map out and explore. We spent a whole week last time just around Les Gets and that is about 1/10 of the area :-)

More info and videos here

There is the option of flying to Geneva but I intend to drive again, it is probably about 12-15 hours door to door.

Eurotunnel - £30 tescos vouchers per car :-)
Ins & breakdown £100 per car
Tolls £70 per car
Fuel – 1300 miles (hopefully in something more economical than a Honda Shuttle 2.3 petrol Auto.)

While we are there:
Accommodation S/C allow £200/head
Lift pass £50
Food & beer???

So if we optimise cars well I reckon about £450/person + food and drink


uphilla said...

Count me in, I will start saving now :-)

dahnhilla said...

Definitely worth branching out and exploring - for one thing all the main tracks are very over used and with braking bumps that swallow travel on 8" forks never mind svelte XC forks! Morzine is the best option from a getting home point of view, it's downhill from just about everywhere else. And is only a few lifts away from Switzerland.

Costs wise - I stayed in riders retreat as in my post and it cost me about £300 for the two weeks. This included massive garage for the bikes, an English host who was on site when he wasn't riding (so you don't have to find out who owns the place if you get problems). Not to mention the Sauna, Jacuzzi and excellent catering facilities that would make some restaurant kitchens jealous.

If you don't go out on the piss each night then you can get by pretty cheaply. We had those partially cooked baguettes you bake in the oven, which cost about 1E for two, then plus cheese, or whatever other filling you wanted. In terms of eating at night, we managed to cook en masse for all 12 of us for around 2-3euros a head. Wine can be bought from 1e a bottle (best to save that until your trashed and don't care how bad it tastes) and cider isn't bad price wise either.

Total cost for me was around £500.00 (inc accommodation and travel).

Compared to flying, if you can share the driving with someone it's a whole heap better. No baggage restrictions and the only thing you've got to worry about is not missing the Chunnel. Although you can pretty much turn up within 3 hours of your slot and you can get on.

I'm tempted to join you but I'd have to bring two bikes!

Farqui said...

Count myself and Roger in.

Darren said...

I'm in!

The savings tin is slowly being filled. Can you pop round and show me how to log in, or better still write it down, thanks