Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Turner with added DW Link for 2009

Thought you might be interested to see this.... linky.

With Dave Weagle dropping the ever successful Iron Horse, was interesting to guess where he'd take the awesome DW link - seems Turner have stepped up to take it on. Be interesting to see how much of a difference it makes to popular rigs like the DHR and 5spot.... maybe DW is cheaper than Horst?


Farqui said...

Oh my, that means my trusty steed is now two generations behind :rolleyes

toons said...

I can't wait to try the new Turner DW Link 5 spot.

I was going to rebuild my 5 spot, but it’s now for sale, along with the push'd pikes!!

Also I've been blown away how good the 08 RFX rides, if the 09 is better, OMG that will be some bike.


Farqui said...

Here's some words from the man himself regarding the switch to DW Link.

Toons, didn't you ride a DW bike at Dalby ? I didn't think you liked it, Mojo quote "...But this bike was bloody awful, totally uninspiring. I’ve not ridden a DW link bike before, but I just didn’t get on with it. It was boring and it doesn’t really engage you with the trail..."

toons said...

I did and it was the most uninspiring bike i’ve ever ridden.

But I’ve got a lot of faith in DT and his designs.

dahnhilla said...

The Trouble is you can have the best suspension design, but if the frame has bad geometry or the linkage is implemented badly it’s gonna ride bad.

All the tests of the Iron Horse range have been excellent so it just shows that with some descent frame design you can make it work. Oh, and the Iron Horse Sunday just happens to be the best DH frame out there at the min – so DW can’t be all that bad.

Farqui! Need to keep up mate, you’re bike is sooooooooooo old! ;)

dahnhilla said...

Looks like they are also using "post mount" style disc mounts on the rear now as well? Big changes then!

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Anonymous said...
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