Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Black Mountains Killer Loop - 4th October 2008

"This is proper wilderness mountain biking with some ace high-level, ridgeline singletrack thrown in"

Anyone interested in riding this 'Classic' route? It is one I have wanted to attempt for some time, so I have finally booked a date - Saturday 4th October. One or two other folk have said they will come along, so I hope that we get a late summer as this is not one to do in poor conditions.

The advice to allow all day and to be well prepared as parts are very remote and mobile phone coverage is not good. There are also some very demanding climbs, in fact one involves around 30 minutes scrambling on foot. There are stunning views and brilliant descents to compensate.

I suggest a start time of around 10 am from the Castle Inn at Pengenfford. A similar route can be done from Crickhowell, but it does add some unnecessary miles - this route is about 23.3miles. with 4650ft climbing. I will be travelling down Friday evening and staying at a nearby YHA for simple B & B. Start location is probably just over 2.5 hours from Northampton if the roads are clear. I guess if the weather is too bad I might just head for Afan.


Hope you can come along!




Farqui said...

"...scrabblin' on foot" - what kinda route is this ? You'll be in bother if it ain't worth the slog mister.

OMG 4,650' climbing - count me in...on the descents :)

uphilla said...

No pressure then! :-)
This is proper mountain biking, none of your namby pamby trail centre stuff!!!

dahnhilla said...

This looks like an awesome ride - not sure my fitness will be up for it though!?

First part of that CRUG MAWR video reminds me of a trail called "rutsville" in France - runs all the way from Swiz national to Chatel... awesome bit of single track like that but with boulders as big as your head... that's one sweet decent - reckon a 5 minute time is doable?!

uphilla said...

Not sure my fitness is up to it either, but think I might manage if I slog away - question is, will people wait for me or will I be abandoned on a mountain side? :(

Farqui said...

Uphilla you "sand bagger", we'll all be rippin' after ya...at least on the downhills ;)

Hmmm, this route profile looks likes a monster, me thinks I'd best hit the "hill" a few times before then.

dahnhilla said...

Don't worry, I'll keep you company at the back - single ring might prove interesting there!

dozer said...

Looks good count me in. I hope those boulders in Chatel are only as big as your dads head and not the size of some our crews heads :-) Sounds like its a good job I have been doing my fitness training and back down to 100 Kg then.

Rob#2 said...

I've just watched teh video's and this route looks fantastic! I really want to ride it but I can't make 4th October...Doh. I can't wait to see the Blog report and I hope you are all inspired to ride again!


Farqui said...

For comparison I thought I'd check my ride log to see what compares with this 4.5k ft, 22mile Welsh killer loop;

The Ridgeway 5,090ft / 60miles
Afan, Skyline (2/3rds) 3,670ft / 21miles
Afan, The Wall 3,200ft / 15miles
Dalby, Rosedale 3,100ft / 21miles
Kirroughtree 3,069ft / 18miles

Oh my goodness...

Farqui said...

Apparently Chekov's Peaks monster in '07 was worse at;

5,800ft / 45miles

It'll be interesting to see how Brecon compares. Oh and if Dozer survives :p

uphilla said...

You should know by now that I rarely engage brain fully before diving in.
It will be a tough one, but I was not hoping for a 'gentle' pace :)
Need to take enough food, drink and emergency supplies for the day too.