Monday, March 10, 2008

Crack 'n' Fail

Crack 'n' Fail.

  • Noun Commonly used in replacement of the Cannondale brand name.
  • Adjective Used to describe what Cannondales do

I recently replaced the headset bearings and forks on this bike and whilst doing so noticed a suspicious looking black line on the headtube/downtube weld. A quick trip over to Pleasure Snakes on Saturday has confirmed that it is indeed cracked:( No more Dh riding for a while, then.

I'm hoping that I can get a replacement front end (later years have a reinforcing gusset in this area) or they'll just give me a brand new Cannondale Judge in replacement!


Farqui said...

Eek, sorry to hear that DH'er.

Busted gear is bad but a frame, ouch.

What does the frame say, "Made in the USA" ???

dahnhilla said...

Handmade in the USA, no less!

Just heard I'm guaranteed a new frame, just depends which!