Monday, February 04, 2008

Cannock - New F.T.D. Section

Apparently due to open this month - a new section added to Follow the Dog trail. See HERE


uphilla said...

Sorry, there is a new section on F.T.D. but it is not the one in the video, I thought it looked to steep. The section shown is part of the next phase which is over by the downhill course, (Some big slopes there).

Farqui said...

Does anyone know if the diversion still in place around the start/finish ?

dahnhilla said...

Oi! Stealing my inside news items!!!

The diversion is not in place... instead, when you expect to exit that first tight section, you get hurled round a big corner and carry on in the woods for the same length again.

The new section I test rode and helped clear last weekend is due to open 17th, but we all decided it's ready so it's open if you find it;)

uphilla said...

Did a trip to Cannock today - could not resist a day off as the weather was so good.
As Dahnhilla says, the first section through the woods is extended, what he did not say is that the extension is much more twisty and jumpy than previous FTD sections. This cuts out two section from the old trail - the one that snakes across a small hillside followed by the wet and rutted trail.
The other new section comes after the long fire road climb, it is a bit further on than the original section, which is still open and signed as an alternative, and on the left. Initially this new bit climbs through woodland, but then goes downhill with berms and jumps - fun to ride quickly! It ends with a twisty climb.
Conditions were generally good on the ground, though some sections are now suffering from excessive "braking bumps".
Also ventures over past the downhill track - a very hilly area, and found several 'unofficial' bits of singletrack. Well worth seeking these out.

Farqui said...

Glad you had a good time, Roger and I will be up there before the wkend.

So all the new bits are way marked ?

Yeah, some sections do seem to suffer from braking bumps. Thank goodness for suspension eh ;-)

uphilla said...

Everything was well marked including diversions around some closed sections.
You will enjoy the new bits - clearly upping the game at Cannock and signs of things to come.

Farqui said...

Roger, Ben and I hit Cannock for some FtD action alongside an explore over the heath to the north.

Although it stayed dry, 4deg C with a chilly breeze meant we were well wrapped up. Apart from Roger who seemed to be in his "hot blood", not aided by a leaking hydro pack.

The new sections of FtD are good although I didn't feel they flowed very well. Not throughout their length but they did have some memorable bits.

As Uphilla has already mentioned the surface is already breaking up and with plenty of ham fisted riding in abundance (with now massive brakes bumps on the older bits) these new sections will be closed for repair before too long. At least one established portion was closed and I suspect you'll have to time your visit carefully to ensure a fully open FtD is available.

Although the sky stayed overcast the dry weather and dry trails added up to one of my best visits to n.Brum.