Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Skills Training anyone?

There has been some talk about skills training in the past. Although we all seem to manage OK, my feeling is that I would enjoy the trails more if I could up my skills just a little. One choice is to ride more and 'session' particular trails sections, but I think this unlikely to happen, so having some 'pro' tuition might be a fast-track route.

I saw AQR recommended and as they do their training sessions at Sherwood Pines it seemed a practical proposition. Cost is not that bad too @ £35 a session. This year they are doing 2-day courses with the basics being covered on day 1 and more advanced stuff on day 2.

The February 23rd date might be possible for me, is anyone else interested? If there were enough I think we could organise a specific session.
What do you think?


Dan Howell said...

Hmmm, it's a possibility. I need to sort out my rally diary for next year so I know what dates are free but you can put me down for a 'very tentative' at the moment...

Farqui said...
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Farqui said...

A grand suggestion master Yoda.

Although it looks like Chipmunk is scheduled to work on 23/2/08 so I'd need to arrange alternate transport.

We were up at the Pines earlier this year when AQR had a training day and all the riders (of all abilities) enjoyed themselves.

A local (Woburn or Northampton area) alternative is Get Mtn Biking who might be worth a try. I've seen them with a small gal only posse around my local woodsie. They've a different pricing structure.

I wonder is Chekov is fit enough or interested in teaching us the gen ?

uphilla said...

The Northants/Beds option is more appealing from my point of view, though more expensive. Not sure Harlestone Firs would provide the right terrain, but Woburn should be OK. Will enquire - they have places on FEb 8th I see.

Farqui said...

Uphilla and I have signed up with AQR's skills day on Feb 23rd - day#1 of their training which now takes two days. Will report back our thoughts afterwards.

Day#2 is penciled in as April 12th.

Also added to Knobblies calendar :B

Dan Howell said...

I'm up for the 23rd; cleared with the missus!

uphilla said...

Dan, I have let Jon at AQR know you want to come along on 23rd - not sure if you have been in touch direct, they will need £35 for the day.