Thursday, December 20, 2007

Free Rider 2

Has anyone else spotted this rather natty, addictive little online 'game' - Free Rider 2? It can be found over at and seems to have quite an on-line following amongst the biking fraternity. It's very simple - accelerate, brake, lean back, lean forward and turn around is all you need to navigate your BMX or MTB cycle around a home-made jump track. You can design your own tracks or load up one of the umpteen hundred contributed over the internet - you just cut and paste some weird and wonderful text code into the editor's "load" option, and presto! For a head-start, check out

Before you know it, hours will have passed ;-)


Dan Howell said...

Here's a map I made for our Knobblies chums - quite an easy one to start off with compared to some of them out there!

-18 1i 18 1i 34 1i 76 26 fu 5k qi bs 11e hg,v8 io 148 o2 1bo vi 1h2 13k 1r2 18a 236 1b4 2g0 1da 2te 1dk 2vu 1da 31q 1c2 33c 19s 35i 14s 37e 14s 37o 17m 3sc 17m 42u 18a 49g 19i 462 198,-18 1i -1s 1i -26 18 -2q 1i -3e 18 -3o 1i -4c 1i -4m 18 -5a 18 -5u 1i -5u 18 -6s u -84 18 -84 -26 -7q -26 -8e -34,-84 18 -de 18 -e2 18 -e2 bs -cq uk -bs 18k 1i 1lo ka 278 16o 24e 2te 1l4,-d4 -18 -d4 a -ak a -ak -18,-a0 18 -a0 -18 -8o -18 -8o 18,-de -26 -do -26 -d4 -34 -8e -34,-de 18 -de -26 -84 -26,-d4 -18 -ak -18,vh j1 116 hb,vb ir 110 h5,v8 in ui hf um gf v1 g2 10u h5,108 gp 108 hs,10g gt 10g hl,10b hv 10e hu,10d hr 10d i0,3c7 17l 3b3 17i 3aa 178 39i 16j 393 161 39d 16m,39j 16j 39d 16n 39a 17l,3a9 179 3a8 17m,3b2 17i 3b2 17l,3nu 17l 3nu 16v,3o4 17k 3o4 16u,3nn 16u 3pr 16u 3pr 16q 3nn 16q 3nn 16u,3pk 16u 3pl 17k,3pe 16v 3pe 17k,3o5 173 3pd 173,3lp 17k 3mp 16u,3mq 170 3md 179,3ma 179 3mi 17l,3mj 17l 3n1 17b,3mv 179 3mk 17h 3md 179,3mm 173 3mr 17a,3lp 17k 3mb 17b,3q8 175 3q8 17l,3qb 17l 3qb 176,3q9 174 3qp 174,3qp 17l 3qp 16f,3qm 17l 3qm 176,3qb 17g 3qm 17g,3qc 176 3qm 176,3qo 16f 3qm 175,4gc 1dk 4lm 1e8 4ke 1ei 4jo 1fa 4k9 1fu 4l3 1g4,4l2 1g4 4ue 1j8,4t6 1kq 542 1nk 584 1q4 5ak 1sk 5em 210 5h6 22i 5j2 22s 5ku 22s 5m6 228 5o2 20m 5p0 1vo,5se 1lo 5u0 1n0 5v8 1os 5vs 1s0 5vi 1v4 5tm 228 5r6 24o 5m6 28g 5do 2ci 5au 2cs 59c 2ci 576 2am 576 2eo 4u4 2eo 4u4 2b0 4rk 2bu 4mk 2c8 4c0 2bk 48i 29o 3o0 1qe 3eu 1j8 3dc 1ik 3co 1iu 3d2 1ji 3dm 1k6 3fi 1nk 3f8 1rc 3ce 202 35i 2ba 30s 2ga 2oo 2lk 2ga 2nq 26a 2o4 21a 2ng 1ve 2ms 1s0 2k2,4ao 1be 4ha 1bo 4eq 1c2,461 197 462 1bg,4er 1c1 4ea 1ct 4ed 1dc 4gd 1dk,4uc 1j6 4u3 1ja 4nt 1h7 4nr 1hc 4m8 1h6 4ll 1hp 4lp 1i6 4mo 1it,4mo 1is 4pl 1k0 4rt 1kc 4t5 1kp,461 1bf 4aq 1be,5ou 1vo 5pc 202 5nq 21q 5m3 233 5jm 24g 5cm 27o,5cj 27n 5b3 25f 5at 270 5am 24s 59n 23v 59g 25u 59a 24u 599 23l 57t 22o 57r 246,57r 247 57j 257,57j 258 57i 23t,57i 23r 577 22j 52j 202 4ue 1v6,4ue 1v2 4ln 1vd,5se 1lm 5rn 1ln 5sd 1le 5rh 1ka 5rp 1ke 5sl 1lc 5sn 1ko 5sb 1k4 5so 1kj,5so 1kk 5sv 1k3 5ta 1jq 5t6 1k3 5su 1kh 5ss 1l0 5ss 1le 5td 1lq 5un 1mv 5vj 1o4 5vt 1nh 5vv 1mr 600 1nj 5vq 1nv 60l 1nq 61f 1o2,61g 1o2 60k 1o0 5vr 1o6 5vr 1og 61k 1ta,5vm 1tl 606 1so 60a 1tb 60i 1t1 610 1t9 610 1sn 61q 1tg 627 1st 62g 1tb,62h 1tb 644 1t1 68f 1tn,68g 1tn 6bu 1td,60q 1t4 60l 1s4 60m 1rk 60j 1rc 60d 1r7 5vq 1pm,605 1qj 60b 1rd 60a 1ro 60c 1rv 60i 1s5 60n 1sq,60e 1re 60i 1ri 60j 1rq 60j 1ru 60e 1rp 60d 1rj 60e 1rf,5vk 1p2 601 1r3 604 1s8,4uk 2en 4v1 2cr 4vj 2bo 4v5 2d0,4v6 2d0 4ut 2en,50u 2en 514 2dm 513 2c4 518 2dt 518 2em,52t 2em 532 2dh 539 2cs 534 2e5 535 2em,54k 2en 54q 2dt 54s 2cf 54t 2e6 54s 2en,564 2en 560 2da 55n 2c9 566 2dg 56c 2eo,51s 2eo 521 2do 525 2dc 524 2eg 524 2en,50b 2eo 503 2d5 504 2e4 4vv 2en,4lm 1ve 446 20m 3nm 1l4 3he 1g4 3d2 1dk 39a 1d0 35i 1da,15g 2hi 1be 2je 18a 2iq 17m 2je 172 2oe 17m 2q0 1da 2qu 1i0 2qk 1nk 2qu 1pg 2qk 1sa 2qu 1su 2pm 1sk 2n6 1ts 2mi 1ve 2ms,1rv 2k1 1rr 2k7 1v4 2mq,1t8 2lb 1sm 2n4,1sp 2n2 1tb 2le,1tu 2lt 1tm 2mi,1tp 2mi 1u0 2m0,1tm 2mg 1t2 2m9,1t0 2mb 1to 2mk,1sm 2nr 1sb 2nk 1rn 2nm 1s8 2nn 1sn 2o5,3dq 1kg 3cu 1k6 3c4 1kb 3cu 1ka 3df 1kg 3d5 1km 3d4 1l4 3da 1km 3dj 1kh 3e0 1kp,3fa 1q5 3eq 1op 3e2 1od 3dk 1oi 3e6 1ob 3ep 1oj 3ep 1o4 3f0 1ng 3er 1o6 3ev 1or 3fc 1pk,2te 1f6 2te 1h2 2u2 1h2 358 1j8 382 1i0,381 1hv 381 1i8 36h 1jf 354 1k7 2td 1l6,15g 2hi 114 2gu qs 2gu pa 2gk 5k 1ug -li 156 -1ei 5u -1ge 6i -1na 5u,2te 1f6 2te 1e8 35i 1da,10i 2gu vd 2go uj 2gc,ug 2gg vb 2gr 106 2gu,uf 2gg u7 2gr,ui 2gi u7 2gu,ui 2ga tu 2g2 u1 2gs,tv 2g7 uh 2gd,u3 2g9 u7 2gs,-1nk 5u -1pg 5a -1qo 42 -1rm 18 -1sa 18 -1sa 5u,-202 5u -1na 5u,-19s 5k -172 5u -v8 3e -ls -1i,-19i 5k -164 68 -uu 42 -no 0,-np -1 -m9 -1b,-13a -9h -12u -9j,-12u -9f -12u -9q -12n -9n -12o -9h -12u -9f,-sd -9p -s0 -9q,-s0 -a0 -s1 -9m -rs -9m -rs -9u -s1 -a1,-202 5u -202 4m -20c 4m -20c 92 -21u d4#26 1i 26 0,2g 1i 2g 0,1s 0 2q 0 34 -a 2q -k 1s -k 1s 0,4sk 1ki 4t7 1j1,4sc 1kf 4sv 1j2,4gn 1bq 4gk 1dj,4gf 1dh 4gi 1br,48m 19f 48m 1bd,48g 1bd 48h 19f,5v7 1p5 5uj 1oo 5tm 1ok 5td 1o3 5sv 1nu 5td 1o6 5tl 1on 5t2 1p2 5sv 1pe 5t6 1p4 5tp 1op 5uj 1p2 5ve 1pv,-15v 5f -135 -9i,-pf 8 -s7 -9q#T -8o -50,B -rh n 1u,T -1eh 5e,T -187 d4,T -v9 o8,T -kv 14r,T -al 1ej,T 2g 1qr,T d0 24k,B k3 2b5 9q,O t0 2gm,O tl 2gp,T 2u6 1gm,S 577 2ab,O 526 2da,O 502 2d3,O 55n 2c4,O 54s 2c9,O 53a 2co,O 514 2bt,O 4vl 2bg,T 5t2 1pd,T 5t2 1o1,O 4an 1ba,O 49l 1ba,O 4a6 1b8,O 4ak 1b1,O 4a2 1au,O 4gs 1dc,O 4i4 1dl,O 4hm 1dh,O 4hd 1dh,O 4h9 1d8,O 4hv 1db,O 4mo 1gd,O 4m5 1g8,O 4mk 1fv,O 4me 1fn,O 4v9 1ks,O 4vc 1le,O 4v5 1l8,O 4uc 1l0,O 4uq 1l5,O 4ut 1kr,O 4v6 1ki,O 4mh 1fe,O 4ho 1ct,O 4ae 1ai,T 3po 15n,T 3a3 vk,T 399 vf,T 39m up,T 2a -a

Farqui said...

You can tell it's cold outside :p

Or for the more graphic hungry there's always MTB over at B)

Farqui said...

Hehe, that's pretty cool. He rides just like me - a complete clot !

Right, I've gotta get back to it 'cos I've not reached the end of your course yet :blush

Farqui said...

Or try this BMX version.

Farqui said...

It's Friday, so it's game day.