Thursday, September 13, 2007

Three Hills Ride

Last night Rob and I hammered out a quick loop over on his local patch.

I finally got to clock Rob's rebuilt Jekyll and he seems pleased with it, even though it rides very differently to his beloved. Naturally he had brake trouble although he managed to slow himself to walking pace (and me for a while) down both the springs and the "steep down" :p

I still haven't replaced my dodgy rear tyre and you can easily feel it's lumpiness, especially whilst crankin' on the black top. I'd best get around to replacing it before it goes pop - at the least convenient moment.

The trails were dry and mighty fast with the cool autumn like evening rounding off a beltin' ride, thanx Rob.

Posse; Farqui (5Spot), Rob (Jekyll+)
Weather; fabulous cool autumn evening, no breeze
Mechanicals; none