Sunday, August 05, 2007


A glorious summer Sunday ride today, tracks rock hard or knee deep in mud.

Dozer Endozer
Grrrm Squeaking Hardrock
Rob#1 Jekyll

Dave and Grrm rode over to Lilley, then three of us headed up the baulk and around Little Offley. Met some rather unintelligent horse riders who were unwilling to let us pass causing their horses to become very stressed. Fortunately the horses managed to hold it together despite their dumb riders and all was well once we got ahead. Horses of course, love to follow bikes as many of them are first hacked out behind a bike when they're young.

I managed to resist the urge to hack off Dave's leg and beat him to death with it, his bike creaking and cracking loudly. A quick look revealed a loose crank although the BB is clearly not well. Later on Grrrms fork joined in with the chorus, he quickly shut it up with some oil, presumably in case I hacked Dave's leg off and beat him to death with it!!

Climbing out of Barton springs saw Dave's chain let go, clumsily I made rather a pig's ear of repairing it.

I headed back off to Lilley after a superb run down the "straight down" Dave and Grrrrm heading back off to Westoning. My rather laid back Jekyll felt very capable down the straight, tracking a strong line and inspiring confidence not unlike the Dozer.

Endozer, Loose crank, grumbling BB and broken chain
Grrrm, Squeaking fork


Farqui said...

What no R2D2 ?

Sorry I couldn't join in the fun in the sun this afternoon. I'd have like to have been part of the posse.

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