Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Peaks Loop June 9th

Hi All,

This coming Saturday Chekov is planning on attacking the peaks, in preparation for a full on Pennine Bridleway bash later in the year. It sounds like he's planning to take on some great sections, but as yet he's not passed on the route info. He suspects that his 40-50mile loop will take most of the day and that it'll be a belter, estimated route shown.

Start point will be either Edale or Hope, at around 8.30 to 9am.

If you'd like further details then you'll have to get inventive as Chekov's email is down...

Posse: Chekov & 1-2pals, Darren/Dozer, Jenni & pal and possibly Baggy/Roger

Unfortunately, my back is still too tender to attempt a day in the saddle, but rest assured I'll be thinking of ya ;)



Darren said...

chekov? Freddie Mercury surely!

dozer said...

I hope Darren is refering to his looks or singing abilities and not his 'hobbies and interests'.