Saturday, March 24, 2007

Drude's Irish Challenge

Not content with cycling from John O'Groats to Land's End a few years back one of our posse is attempting to snag another headline over the coming weeks. This time he intends to crank out even more miles cycling around Ireland :o "Cycling in circles" - how Irish is that ? ;)

It seems that Drude needs such crazy challenges when a milestone birthday is looming. But as usual his achievement will help others with proceeds of his sponsorship going to Cancer related causes. Details can be found over at, we'll certainly be donating to help him achieve his goal.

You've gotta checkout his monster of a route, the schedule and accrued mileages give me the eebie-geebies. Hopefully, he'll be on quiet roads.

So if your near a pump dispensing some Irish black gold, sink a jar and reflect on the suffering he'll be inflicting on his undercarriage...


Dan Howell said...

heebies jeebies, sir, heebie jeebies... ;)

Farqui said...

belated update from Drude, 26th March

94 miles on Day#1 to Kilkeel, 91 miles Day#2 past Belfast, some wind from N-E, which I caught in my face a bit. Waterboys concert last night!

Farqui said...

yesterdays Drude update

Chafe's Progress: sore but managing! Weather mostly good to me and I've held up better than expected.

Total at end of Day#7; 688 miles.

(94, 91, 110, 90, 85, 96, 102)

Farqui said...

Saturday 7th update

Just finished at 5 today, about 1,340 miles in total !

Heading west for a weeks well earned rest, pukka update later.