Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sneaky Rides

If anyone would rather roll on their knobblies rather than sticking their snozzer against the daily grindstone (all?) then we've two "sneaky" mid week, daytime rides lined up in March;

Wed/Thu 7/8th
Farq's, Uphilla

Friday 23th
Dozer, Farq's, Roger (for his first taste of n.Brum singletrack), Uphilla ?

This'll be a great way to chew up your remaining annual leave and I guarantee that it'll be better than any DIY a certain someone has lined up for ya. Your only problem, is figuring out a way of fooling your better half that you actually spent a day at B&Q rather than having a ball razzin' some sweet trails ;-)


Dan Howell said...

Well, have fun guys, and don't break anything this time!

Farqui said...

I think Uphilla & I have now recovered from Wales, which was excellent btw.

So now my attention now focuses on Cannock - Roger needs to leave before 4pm so we've several ride options;

.an early start if we want to re-run our last long ride up there, GPS indicates it took 5hrs. plus we won't have a local guide this time.

.several blat's around Follow the Dog

.FtD(x2?) with a play at the DH course/bomb hole

So what's the consensus folks ?

uphilla said...

I have just looked at the guided loop and think we could do the bulk of it in 3-4 hours, so starting at 10 would allow a lunch break?? Also happy to do FTD a couple of times and play on the downhill. Just need to decide on a start point.