Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Review

As another year passes and New Year resolutions are sketched out, I'm always drawn to ponder the up and downs of the past 12 months...
  • tweaked a little
  • fab wkends in Wales (CyB, Afan) - with great company !
  • learnt there's more to Cannock than just "FtD"
  • exposed to the Peaks - thanx John
  • tried new boots
  • UGI struck... more than once !
  • I finally won something
  • biggest stack - no cuts this time ;)
  • broke stuff
  • "boutique" arrival - phaw
  • blogs 1st birthday - excess of 1k hits pcm, thanx mom !
  • 44wks commuting
  • met new pals (eek, aah, eh, with not a poser in sight)
  • rode with plenty a'good mates
Although my riding has improved (a bit) it's easy to overstep my *ahem* "talents". As there's still room for improvement, '07 will see a few new targets set...hopefully I'll achieve 'em this time !

Here's wishing you all the very best for the year ahead and may all your knobblies roll with good fortune :D