Tuesday, October 17, 2006


What a blast last nights ride was - my first pukka night ride since the spring. Damn it was good, all the more so as it was my 1st decent off road blat for ages.

Sneaking over to Woburn I found that I needed my lights on even before entering the woods, at something like 6pm. Bring it on...

It took a few miles to get accustomed to the blackness and those eerie shadows cast by branches / trees. I'd also forgotten just how big roots appear in the shadows and how some rises then disappear into complete darkness as you rise'n'fall / sneak left'n'right. Great fun ! I soon started to enjoy the solitude cast by a single lamp, focusing the attention.

I've never ridden one particular section in total darkness so I was quite cautious not to slither off and wreck my healin' arm. However, it was so good that I rode it twice :)

The woods felt excellent, being so quiet and calm...even the mud was a good consistency ! A few loud rustlings (by deer / squirrels / birds) soon got the pulse racing, hairs on the back of my neck standing proud, buttocks tighten and my legs spinning a little quicker :p

I can't wait for next time...


Farqui said...

This wks night time visit to Woburn highlighted how much the trails can change. What is normally a blisterin fast section is now a walking pace, tippy toe affair. Too much of that darn wet stuff has fallen and is makin for alot of slitherin.

Mud tyres anyone ?