Thursday, June 15, 2006

DDave Game !

You've gotta checkout DangerousDave's new game !

I had no idea that our DH guru had other outlets beyond spanner monkey :P

Update; Rob's our current "champion", with proof right here ->


Farqui said...

I've managed 414.4m.

Beat that !

Farqui said...

1,018.4m !

Dan Howell said...

876 is about my limit, and now I'm bored... helpful moles, though :)

Farqui said...

Rob got in the "swing" of this and yesterday afternoon I began to appreciate just how dedicated he is...

14:15 - 710.8m
14:25 - 1,037.4m
16:04 - 1,319.8m
17:25 - 1,378m

We have a winner.

Chaybo said...

739.7 for the montanan