Wednesday, May 10, 2006

5Spot : Anniversary...

It's a year to the day of our 1st ride B)

Although I assembled my 5Spot on the 26th April last year, we had some teething problems with mrNixon which meant that it wasn't ridden for a further two weeks :o Ironically both forks, a repaired mrNixon and an alternative Pace RC41 were received on the same day !

Throughout msTurner's first tough year, she's performed beautifully and hasn't given me any grief, unlike some component hiccups. Dave Turner certainly knows how to design a solid, reliable MTB, that's great fun too :p

Here's just some of the years highs and lows;
  • fell in love with SRAM ;)
  • after 6 weeks running in, we spent a fabulous wkend ripping around Afan
  • 3 months in, I cranked my longest ever ride along the Ridgeway
  • met and rode with the Westoning and Northants clan's
  • got me some biking buddies over in the US of A, I feel a trip coming along...
  • when the going got soft, I managed to bash both knees, in different "incidents" :X
  • had a mixed experience with forks
A year on and I feel that I'm now able ride harder than ever (sometimes waay beyond my "talent" :blush) and I'm sure that msTurner has helped to raise my game. I've not found any terrain that phases this bike, unlike the rider, and she definitely inspires the confidence to give most things a go :) I'm very happy that I opted for the more nimble and compact medium instead of the large frame, either of which where an option.


uphilla said...

I agree about the bike raising your game - if only I could learn to trust it to tackle terrain my brain tells me is too difficult! Very pleased with mine, no regrets despite the cost.