Friday, January 27, 2006

Roam Trailer

New Collective Teaser trailer is out, I can’t believe they film it in a sleeping bag, hanging from a rope! Looks very good.

Link to Roam


Farqui said...

So tell me Toons, from your posts I get the impression that you probably get more "air time" that I do. I'm keen to keep my knobblies in touch with terra firma.

toons said...

I love drop off's, but I'm not very good at jumping just yet, but I'm working on it. I did get some distance between me and the ground on a table top at AE last weekend. Also I’ve found jumping easier with the five spot, but not sure why.

I’ve been swatting up with that Skills book and I’m going to try a few things next time I’m out, apparently it’s what you do on the face of the jump that matters, I have visions of it going horribly wrong!

Dan Howell said...

Can someone do me an article explaining all the knarly terms I'm missing out on here, like 'berms', 'tabletops' (I can guess that one) and other weird and wonderfuls?

Cheers :)

Farqui said...

Hehe, I'm glad that I'm not the only one that gets confused with some of the slang.

I can kinda cope with drop offs (when they appear by surprise) and should really get some practice on the berms at Woburn.

Uphilla's been raving about that "skills" book of yours and I'm tempted to grab a copy myself. Any hints on staying upright at always useful !

PS: There is a dictonary link on the sidebar under misc, but it doesn't seem to list many "gnarly" terms.

toons said...

That book is v good, when I first heard about, I thought whatever.

Here's few for you

Berms – An embankment on a track built up on the outside of a turn to create a banked curve.

They allow you to take the corner without lose of speed. Make sure you’re totally committed to the turn and lean the bike over.

Rollers – An obstacle on a track that is rolled over as opposed to being jumped

Doubles – two small jumps together, usually you can clear them both.

Tabletop – A jump on a track that is completely level or flat all the way across it from the lip to the landing.