Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blogs, Podcasts and Vodcasts

Hello Dudes
Thought I’d post some Blogs, Podcasts and Vodcasts that I’ve stumbled across on the interweb.

North Shore Mountain Biking e.Magazine - check out the video of the north shore completely insane
Sideways Cycles based in Cheshire, stumbled across this in the singletrack forums.

Singletrack Magazine – Its not bad, the interview with Matt from pace was good
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Good round up of what’s happening in the world mountain biking, I did fast forward some of it, mainly local news.
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West Coast Style TV - Mountain Biking Instruction
West Coast Style - Freeride Fundamentals is the culmination of over 20 years of mountain bike training from world-class instructors Joan Jones and Damiann Skelton of the West Coast School of Mountain ... To subscribe in iTunes
TrailTapes Mountain Biking Videos Web site
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Enjoy Toons


Farqui said...

Did Santa bring someone an iPod for Xmas ? Hehe.

Some peeps might like to checkout what these acronyms mean, over at Wikpedia.

toons said...
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toons said...

Unfortunately not, I’m just a mountain bike computer geek!

But I would like one of those new video ipods, they look cool as....

Farqui said...
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Farqui said...

Bike looks like a handy a link too, with loads of bike related url's.