Monday, December 05, 2005

Woburn Dec 5th

Posted on behalf of Rob, he had a lickle Blog trouble...bless him;

Had another little run out, only Farqui and me this time. Shame on all of you the mud was lovely!! Are there ever conditions that the sand is nice to ride in?

Thankfully the rain held off long enough and in the end it was a really good run.

Next Monday or Tuesday anyone? Babysitter required here, Dozer surely you'd rather sit with my kids?

~Oh and the non-native's route was rubbish, most of it didn't even exist. OS you need to resurvey the woods!! Rob

Trail Head; CMK, 7pm
Stats; 20 miles, 1,364ft ascending, 2hrs 05mins

Posse; Rob (Cannondale Jekyll) Lee (Turner 5Spot)

Injuries; None

Mechanicals; Rob's Cateye headlamp self destructed just as we got to the woods, he seemed to miss it too...

Weather; Although the ride itself was dry, it'd rained for an hour or so before hand which helped to provide an entertaining muddy mix of trails.


Farqui said...

I had fun last night over in the woods and was glad the rain didn't return as I got a little damp on the commute home.

A new slant on the area exposed a few alternatives which will be tried again. Perhaps when it's dried out a bit tho.

It was also interesting to see how my new Bontrager ACX's compared to the trusty ol'Panaracer Cinders on Rob's steed. The ACX's hardly collect any mud and shed it really well. We also found that they get a little sketchy (not un-manageable) unless you're poweringing 'em into the ground. A fairly good all rounder as they're fine on hardpack too. I'll leave Rob to comment on the Cindy's...

Farqui said...

Either Monday or Tuesday is fine with me, although I hear that someone can't make Monday...

Farqui said...

All Posse rides over at Woburn are cancelled this wk.

How are peeps fixed for next wk, starting Mon 19th ?

I currently have no plans but Fridays are usually difficult for me. Anyone available for Mon or Tues again ?