Friday, December 16, 2005

Singletrack - Help Save Chickshore

It appears that insurance woes mean that it is highly unlikely that the north shore trails over at "Chicky" will remain open and that they're to dozed shortly. Which'd be a shame 'cos I was hoping to get over there sometime in the New Year to see what it's all about, especially as it's <20 miles away. Checkout Singletrack - Help Save Chickshore for the full scoop.

Update 19th: Chicksands northshore trails have been saved, see Comments...


toons said...

Dude, I thought they had to rebuild some of the early stuff and it was saved.

Hope they don’t demolish it, coz it looks frigging cool like, canny distance from me :-(

Farqui said...

I understand that they've a good setup over there and that the shore stuff is all top notch.

If it goes, then landowners are going to have a job on stopping peeps building dangerous erections (ahem).

Nuts, but in the end it all boils down to money.

Farqui said...

Looking past the miriad of jump shots, you'll find some cool north shore platform pics at Chicky here.

Farqui said...

For those that saw STW or many other forums last week, there was a bit of a panic on to whether the Shore at Chicky would stay. Basically the BC pulled shore from their insurance, and unable to insure it the FC told us it had to come down. After many meeting including a 3.5 hour one with their Civil engineer last week it seems that in principle the shore can stay. What they told us needed to happen was that all shore built or supported out of logs or tress needs to be removed and rebuilt from sawn timber, and hence few of the older runs have been pulled out for now pending rebuild. and a number of the remaining lines will need to undergo a severe alteration to make safe and secure in the FC eyes. Basically everything needs to be rebuilt to the standard of the newest built shore.

so a definite sigh of relief here. and a big thanks to all those who took the time to sign petition, ended up over a 1000 people, which is super cool. And the FC and BC were both suprised by the level of support.

As another note, there will be a ot of changes going on over the next few weeks / months, so please look at the shore before riding it!
e.g the run out on the big ladder is to be removed. (the FC see removing this as a safety feature)

SingleTrack thread available here